Vespa ET4 125cc Immobilizer Bypass CDI. 1996 – 1999. (pre-LEADER)


Immobilizer Bypass CDI for early Vespa ET4 125cc / 150cc Scooters.

Removes the immobilizer from older Vespa Scooters (1996 – 1999)

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Simple Plug and Play replacement CDI that removes the Immobilizer from older Vespa ET4 125 and ET4 150cc Scooters.

Only suitable for the very early models, Circa 1996 to 1999, fitted with the pre-LEADER engine.

Very useful if you have lost your keys or the original immobilizer CDI has failed.


  • Vespa ET4 125cc / 150cc (1996 – 1999) (pre-LEADER models only)

Replaces the following CDI Part Number:


Not suitable for the later models with the LEADER engine.

NOTE: This CDI will bypass your immobilizer. Once fitted the scooter will no longer have an immobilizer.

Any key that can turn the ignition barrel will start the scooter!



Remove the original CDI and bolt this bypass CDI onto the same mountings.

Plug the two 4 Pin Connectors into this replacement CDI.

Start the engine!

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